Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Being Miserable, As it Happens

One thing I've never really understood is how people write or comment on 'as it happens' blogs for their favourite shows. For example, Being Human on Sunday night. How do people do this and not miss anything? I cannot be typing "OMG, WHY DOESN'T GEORGE DO SOMETHING?!" or reading "It's Mitchell! Look, there's no-one there! Please tear the technician's throat out, Mitchell, I don't like his hair" while I'm actually watching because you see the thing is, I'm watching. This is obvious, right?

So, I have decided that surely the only way to go about this blogging as it happens exercise is to choose something I don't really want to watch that much or, even better, at all. Then if I miss bits, well ... who cares? Not me. Probably not you either.

With this in mind, and as a homage to the charismatic star of Sunday night TV that isn't Aidan Turner, I shall this afternoon be blogging about Episode 4, Season 5 of Ballykissangel as it happens on ITV3 between 14.05 and 15.10.

This is cutting edge. Don't miss it.


  1. I warned you, Minnie. Don't go near ITV. Bad things happen there. Baaaaaad things.

  2. Tomorrow I might live blog 'Dr Quinn - Medicine Woman'.

    Then again, I might not.