Friday, 2 March 2007

Make Someone Happy With a Telephone Call

You know that guy who was the funny one in My Family, before he left and became a guy-with-a-girlfriend-who-has-two-kids-who-aren't-his because BT are so in touch with the times and therefore the whole 'blended family' concept?

What's he talking about in the latest ad?

"People say that the best things in life are free", he tells us initially.

"But sometimes", he then adds, wisely, with the air of someone who is about to make a terribly witty remark and add a breathakingly clever twist to a tired old saying, "The free things in life are the best."

Call me pedantic, but unless I'm missing something, that's actually completely the same.

It's really not on the same level as "He's got an 'ology", is it?

Bring back Busby, I say. It's good to talk.


  1. Yes, I wondered the same thing. I actually quite like the current BT ads, but it might have something to do with the fact that I quite fancy the mother... :-)

  2. Perhaps you and I are both missing some subtle, exceedingly clever difference Edvard. Or maybe you're just not paying enough attention because you're distracted by his girlfriend, and it's just me who's too dim to understand what his point is!

  3. haha I doubt it somehow! anything that required more than the attention span of a daddy-long-legs would instantly alienate 80% of the population, and that's not good for business....

  4. I understand. I'd explain it to you but I fear you wouldn't understand the explanation. :P