Saturday, 17 March 2007

I've Forgotten My Lines

I think I have stage fright.

Since the list of contributors to Shaggy Blog Stories was announced yesterday, the number of people who have looked at this blog has risen considerably. Almost as many people looked yesterday than have looked in total since I started. It's very exciting, and a nice little boost for my ego, but I think I have a case of Rabbit In The Headlights syndrome.

I haven't been able to think of a single interesting thing to write since I realised people may actually be reading. You could say that I wasn't interesting in the first place, or point out that just because people are clicking on to this page it doesn't mean they're reading past the first paragraph, which made them yawn.

Feel free to say that. It is what I am saying to myself, to make myself feel less nervous.

It's quite ridiculous really; I write this blog in the public domain, and obviously I was aware of that when I started. I wanted people to read it, or I wouldn't have started. I'm not a complete mentalist, after all. Now there may be people doing just that, it's occurred to me that anything I have written is open to criticism. But that's ok. All I have to do is never say anything controversial again.

And Girls Aloud obviously haven't read it. Or if they have, they don't know it's me, because no-one has assaulted me in a pub toilet. I guess they're busy picking out their next victim for their hideous cover version crime spree. They've already destroyed poor Steven Tyler. Which poor, unsuspecting musician will they move on to next?

Using the term 'musician' loosely, wouldn't it just be beautiful poetic justice if they did a Ronan Keating cover?

Tracy Chapman, The Goo Goo Dolls and Shane McGowan would probably be eternally grateful for the opportunity to listen to such an act of revenge.

Sadly, there is one flaw in this plan; I'm not sure which of Ronan's offerings they could actually make any worse.


  1. Hi. I haven't read your piece yet, but I'm sure it'll be lovely.

    On the sudden "exposure" part, well I agree it's very scary the first time. (But you get used to it :o)

    My own first big mention was in The Guardian quite some years back. Can you imagine how terrifying it was to have a horde of Grauny readers poring over your efforts?

    Good luck in your endeavours.

  2. aw don't be shy, minnie.

    I wouldn't worry about thinking up things to write, they always turn up eventually.

    I never know where my next post is coming from...

  3. Thank you both, for taking the time to leave your very kind comments and for the moral support!

    Peter, I can imagine that was rather daunting, to say the least!!