Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just Blog

The trouble with leaving it too long to see friends again is that there are big swathes of time between the two of you, during which lots of things have happened, most of them small and insignificant in their own right. But they are the kind of things on which the familiarity of friendship is often based - knowing what good things, interesting things, stressful things and plain irritating things have been happening in your day to day lives. The pools of time can create awkwardness and undermine the sense of attachment.

The same then, for a woman and her blog. Especially if, because of the time that has elapsed since the last entry, she feels as if she must begin every overdue post with an apology for its tardiness, which is of course less than thrilling for the reader. But course it never matters how long it is since you last saw a really good, true friend, because the friendship can be eased back into like a pair of comfortable old slippers. The same applies to this blog - for me, anyway. So no more apologies, just blogging. When it happens.

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